Solution For Brands

Welcome to Dress Republic Industry Solution. After 13 years in the fashion industry, we know that your business needs are never static. It is the reason people look at our fashion industry solution today as their provider of choice and the company they can trust. You can take confidence from the fact that we have established and administered dozens of fashion companies and take pride in giving value and personal service to the international fashion businesses.

Fashion Industry Solution

  • At the Dress Republic, we respect you as an individual and implement solutions that best fit you or your client’s specific business needs.

  • We are a full-service design specialist team in our industry solution offices “dedicated to professionals by professionals”.

  • We provide wide-ranging services to businesses all across the world, from high-end boutique labels to mass-market brands, there is nothing Dress Republic can’t handle.

We bring your vision to life, from concept to consumer

We are capable to develop collections from the initial concept through to the production sample. We are able to design complete coordinated clothing collections including fashion graphics, patterns, trims, and branding. As well we develop tailor-made seasonal themes and we give trend and forecasting presentations.

Brand development

In addition to designing and forecasting activities, we also restructure brand identities, build-up new product lines, and develop new fashion brands right from the start.

Segments and demographics

We design for men, women, guys, and girls – and we are able to work in different styles and for different segments such as bridal wear, special occasions wear, evening wear, party wear, and casual wear fashion.

Product development

We are specialists in creating spot-on technical sheets. In these technical packs, we include technical drawings, artworks, size specifications, and detailed drawings.

Marketing and eCommerce

A passion for fashion and curiosity for discovering new ways to maximize the potential of eCommerce led to the establishment of fashion solutions. It is this passion combined with solid backgrounds in fashion and retail that has made us the preferred partner for many successful brands in the fashion industry.

Our infrastructure and innovative technology platform allow us to efficiently handle every aspect of your online business. All supporting services offered, including web design and eCommerce development, photography, inventory, e-marketing, customer service, order processing, and fulfillment, are handled from our centralized facility.

Online Marketing

Analytics and data-mining, you gain a deep understanding of who your customers are. We survey site traffic, click-through, and conversions to help increase website effectiveness and create effective interactive marketing programs.

  • Search engine optimization

  • Pay-per-click advertising

  • Affiliate marketing management

  • Targeted and personalized email campaigns

  • Social Networking

  • Real-time reporting and analysis

  • Your brand is sacred

You have built an amazing brand that gets noticed and gets respect. We understand how important it is to protect the integrity of that brand. Communicating a cohesive message to your consumers is critical to expanding your brand and we work closely with you to maintain the brand standards you have established. Whether web design, product mix, or providing outstanding customer service, Dress Republic will create an online experience that will not only match your brand identity but also deliver real results.

For more information please feel free to contact us.