Home Based Boutiques

It may look like a difficult task to open your own home based boutiques business especially if you are living in USA, Canada, Europe, Middle East and Australia. It is no longer a daunting task as Dress Republic is here to help you in establishing, developing, and marketing of your own home based boutique business.

“At the age of 26, I decided to open my own home-based fashion store and am proud to have Dress Republic as a business partner in product manufacturing and marketing my online store. In 2 years of time, I have accomplished a full-fledged business and I am very happy to have this”, says Aleesha Khan, one of our home-based boutique clients.

Home Based Boutiques USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Middle East, AustraliaHow we can help you with your home-based boutiques?

Create your own brand and product line for your target market. It is essential, says Muhmmad Furat, our marketing team expert, the first thing you need to do is open a clothing home-based boutique and display a nice collection that everyone can buy for their party and casual events.

Basically, anything and everything can be sold from your home-based boutique but to avoid risks you need to get our advice and we will make you an inventory that is high targeting and would help you promote your new home-based business venture.

“When I first started – I had no one to guide me and no one that I could ask questions to see if I was doing something correctly or not, then I received an email from the Dress Republic marketing team, being an old customer to the Dress Republic I already had a lot of confidence in their products, so I decided to get their help and advises. I am now having both home-based and online presence and drawing an extra income”, says Kiran Dhaliwal.

Customization Kit for Personal Orders

When starting your fashion brand, keep in mind how you will start out in a competitive and ever-changing market.

The Dress Republic will provide fabric kits, color swatches, custom sketch outs, silhouette styles, embellishment samples, and some dresses to display in your home-based boutique which will give sufficient idea about what the final look going to be.

“My customer wanted to get a custom bridal lehenga that she had seen in a Drama and it was a challenging job for me, thanks to the Dress Republic, with the help of custom kits, sketch outs, and sampling service I made my customer’s dream come true.

Now I am a popular fashion designer in my community with a customization service that makes my business real unique” Sophia Mia.

Online and Offline Presence

Starting your online store website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest can help you get your name out everywhere.

“My family already had a home-based brand established for 3 years it had always been the most difficult thing in a boutique to target a wide region for me. I had been selling into my circles and through contacts that I get from my old customers.

Then I found the Dress Republic which has been most helpful in building my e-commerce storefront and targeting a wide region. Now I am selling in the USA, Canada, Middle East, and even in Australia from my East London based home-based boutique and it is very exciting for me to have customers coming from all over the world.” Layla Jameel.

Multiple Brands Selling

“It’s probably easiest to sell multiple brands from your online store by sitting at home. The Dress Republic has helped me in marketing my casual and lawn prints store. I am now carrying over 80 brands in my online store with the help of their online store strategy.” Says Jasjit Kaur.

The Dress Republic can help you compile a list of brands that you are interested in carrying. The Dress Republic will offer you an extensive list of brands and help you get them in your store as you need.

If you have any queries please feel free to contact us.