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I have always had the best customer service experience with Dress Republic. I am a loyal customer to them since 2010 when I first bought a party dress for my niece’s birthday party. Since then I have been ordering lawn suits, party wears and kurtis from Dress Republic and every order turned around as amazing at it looks in the picture. Little bit delay happened but I have been in touch with them by email, phone or whatsapp messenger. According to them, when making a product from the scratch and especially handwork the delay is unexpected due to many reasons for instance any mishaps happens to the fabric at the time of stitching they have to redo the whole piece.

This time I came up with a pretty big order for my wedding, ordered a bridal dress for my wedding day, a mehndi lehenga choli, 3 party wear dresses and around 8 lawn and chiffon dresses with some extra laces, tassels, and pearl dangling as to give the whole shopping a formal look suitable for wedding (I loved their lawn collection, it is cheaper, fresh and best for party and casual use). My entire order came in two different parts, the first shipment contained lawn and party dresses and the final shipment contained my bridal dress (Ruby Red Tudia) and the Mehndi Bridal (Burnt orange Uskudar). The bridal dress was ordered as it is without any major changes, the Burnt Orange Uskudar dress was ordered with no-bordered dupatta just the work in the middle and lessen work in the Gharara flare as to fit in my budget. I was glad to see everything was up to my requirements, even with less work the mehndi outfit looks amazing.

The bridal outfit was a hit, my friends and relatives going to contact you for bridal outfits in future as they loved the way it looked, fit and fall on my body.

If anyone willing to call me for customer service experience just ask Dress Republic customer service personnel and one of their staff will be able to get you in touch with me.

Thank you Dress Republic for making it a fairytale wedding. Will come back soon with my casual and party wear order.

Sonal Chaudhry – Sydney, Australia

I was to place a rush order for my Nikkah ceremony from dress republic, the customer service person was so helpful in showing me the quick delivery items. I chose the aqua green n beige combination dress with some alteration requirements for my size while searching for brand credibility Ii found out this site and I became little reluctant to order a dress for an important event, I was to share it with the customer service guy who later called me n told how their rivals using cheap technique to bad spread the word, I had to trust the customer service guy as I can see it is a lot easier to add a bad or good review to any site, the customer service guy provided me with a reference of a bride who recently ordered from them so i decided to speak to her. I called their customer early in the morning n she shared her good experience with the brand, this gave my confidence some boost, I made the payment and got in touch through WhatsApp with their customer service person Mohammad who kept me in loop until the order was dispatched.

The package arrived and I opened it with beating heart, it was just wow, I tried n sent a thank you message to customer service as well as the guy on WhatsApp. If you are purchasing anything just make sure that you speak to their most recent customers so that you can be real sure about products n customer service. I am glad i found this clothing company and I plan to hire their professional design services for my roksati event taking place in June 20019. would like to thank you all for delivering it in time and with perfection.

Nusrat Jahan – Norfolk, Virginia

I live in New York and have been invited to a wedding in Pakistan. I am European and knew nothing about appropriate wedding fashions for Pakistan. I discovered the Dress Republic site on line and was wowed by the gorgeous selection of styles available. I took a breath and ordered two outfits, knowing that delivery time was estimated at 4 to 6 weeks. I placed my order before reading the very negative reviews which accused Dress Republic of being a scam, a fraud etc. Obviously those customer reviews made me VERY nervous and I thought for sure I had been duped. I am pleased to say however, that my garments did arrive as promised and they are absolutely beautiful….I could not be happier with the styling, the fine fabrics, the quality of the embellishments ….everything!!!

Thank you Dress Republic and keep up the amazing work.

Best wishes from a most satisfied customer.

Vera S, New York City

I made purchase of my wedding day bridal and reception formal dress back in November 2017. The order got delivered in mid December, after looking at their embellishments and quality I decided to purchase my party dresses. I placed a rather big order this time which just arrived few days ago. My family loved the party wear dresses.

Their prices are pretty low as compare to other Pakistani designers. The embellishment work is superb and the tailoring is neat and clean. The guy on WhatsApp has been very helpful. He kept me up to date by sharing pictures and videos of my order being prepared.

My wedding is in June 2018 and I will definitely refer this business in my social circle. Please feel free to place it on your customer reviews page.

Maryam Ahmed – Vancouver, Canada

‘My endless love and appreciation for Dress Republic. Where all of the other fashion stores failed, either in selection or attitude, Dress Republic excelled well. I found their website from work place last winter, just got home and visited again where I did need my wedding dress.’, says Harpreet Kaur.

I’m a little larger woman than average. I’ve been going to many Indian and Pakistani boutiques and finding dresses to try on but they’re all same old stuff, flashy and over-crowded. I had visited almost 20 stores but could not find anything to take on. I’d guess that 18 of them were same bore styles. I left with 2 dresses, and neither in the style I actually dreamed about.

At Dress Republic you won’t be stuck with one kind of styles. Since I started visiting their website I saw plenty of good styles appearing online. From gowns to front split, long tails and traditional everything that they put online was so tempting. I was always like can it be? Sure. They have that.

On the note on their honesty, when I called their customer service a polite person helped me a lot in choosing the right style for me. I even shared my picture through email and he gave me really good suggestions. I found him very honest as he told me about what not to wear. Every other place customer service people said, ‘Madam, you look great!’ when clearly I did not. I so appreciated their honesty.

I can’t say what happens after you buy your dress from Dress Republic, but I certainly can tell that the process leading up to it is exciting and fruitful. They told me that people buy from all over the world through their online outlet store website. I believe it. I am letting you add my product review in your customer reviews section.

Harpreet Kaur, Yuba City, CA.

‘You can trust them! There are not enough superfluous words for Dress Republic’, says Azma Ahsan.

‘I was in a panic, my wedding was in two months and I could not find any nice dress for my wedding day. Then a friend told me about her experience with Dress Republic. I browsed through tons of bridal and party wear dresses they have and finally find mine among page #15. Wow, that was brilliant. I purchased that amazing piece, in addition, I ordered some custom modifications. Finally in 5 weeks my order arrived and it was extremely beautiful. You can trust them! There are not enough superfluous words in the English dictionary for Dress Republic. The customer service person lowered my stress level dramatically by just showing me some that he cared.’

Azma Ahsan, Raleigh, NC.

Omg! I got my bridal dress DR3398 today and it made me cry. Its beautiful, perfect and I don’t even know what else I can say. The anticipation and expectation was so high and what was delivered didn’t disappoint. All my thanks and prayers coming your way, I’m so grateful its as described and made it before the wedding hehe 🙂 at least I can finalise my accessories and make up now etc. I hope the reception wear make it by Friday. I will let you know. Thanks again so so much, If nothing else you made a girl very very happy today. 🙂

Bhavna Torul
Westminster WA, Australia

I just wanted to thank you for your assistance and also for the product received. The dress arrived in time and was a HUGE HIT at the event I had to attend. You may have more business coming your way as everyone wanted to know where I had purchased it. 🙂 You have a very satisfied customer in me. I will be buying again from your company in the future.

Tamara Mason
Mechanicsburg PA, USA

I received my bridal outfit DR3308 and I am happy and very satisfied. Thank you.

Eman Abdalghani
Virgin Islands

Thank you for making my wedding dress, it’s turned out very nice. All the required custom modifications were followed exactly, wish you had sent a bridal pouch too, but anyway everything was so beautiful.

Safia Siddiqui
Hamden, CT USA

I am so glad to see my outfit and I liked it, congratulations again for making such a nice online fashion service and continue to introducing new designs as they pop up.

Nargis Jahanzeb
Chicago, IL USA

I agree with Asifa Najeeb about the stitching quality… I got my dresses stitched from Pakistan a year back and the tailor really messed up with my clothes. I didn’t expect my order to be as good as I have received it with Dress republic. Your embroidery and stitching quality is way better than any other desi tailor in Birmingham and Pakistan. Keep good doing with our clothes in future :). One suggestion… Try to reduce the turnaround time from 3-4 weeks to 4-5 days. This is because majority of desi community is not used to of buying online so they buy their clothes a week before their events. By reducing the manufacturing time, I am sure, you will double the income of your company. Just a piece of advice. I hereby confirm to add this to your customer reviews page.

Tahira Nadeem
Birmingham, UK

My engagement party dress was beautiful, although I didn’t order it but my mother in-law did it, I would like to share my feelings about your product finish. The stitching was super fine, the inside was neat and clean, I couldn’t find any stitching signs from the inside of the garment, very very nice quality, I must say, my lill advice, try to enclose some Swarovski crystal and other materials into the box as sometimes we mess up with clothes so we can repair them if any damages are done. LOL, Don’t take me wrong but with heavy dresses there are more chances that you mess up with them while moving around. So what else should I write, only, DRESS REPUBLIC ROCKS! You may please add this product review to your customer reviews page.

Asifa Najeeb
Los Angeles, CA

Hello Dress Republic customer service, I worn your Kurta salwar in my enagement ceremony and it looked so graceful. Your colors and fabrics are beautiful.

Karan Jaggi
Chicago, IL

Your order was arrived on Monday, have not much time left for accessories shopping. The entire order is stunning…. Embroidery work is soooo beautiful! Where do you guys come up from with such an amazing embroidery ideas, salute to your labour and thanks to you guys for putting this site on so now we can purchase our favourite dresses online. My mom is going to buy at least three dresses for herself and would-be bhabi. See you guys later.

Khadjia Hussain
Blackburn, UK

Your clothes are awesome, everyone loved my sherwani style do you also do plain Kurtas for Eid? We have no shops here in Atlanta selling quality Sherwanis and Kurta shalwar. My wife also wants to order her EID dresses from Dress Republic she will contact you soon.

Kamran Ahmed
Columbus, OH

Hi, received your parcel last week, very happy to see your products, jamawar fabric was of the finest quality I could not find it in India. What if I was to order the same fabric in future with no embroidery? Also could you please add more Sarees as my brother is getting married in December and I am planning to wear a wonderful Saree made by dress republic. Your embroidery is so amazing! True Pakistani! Please do not hesitate to place this email under your customer reviews page.

Pooja Khanna
Atlanta, GA

I’ve been on your website for quite a while checking amazing new styles taking place every day. You have a big variety of dresses and jewellery. I am happy that you guys also accept custom modifications, it is easy deciding now as I know that every dress will fit me the best, just enter bust, waist hip etc. and it is no rocket science. The dresses that I received are perfect fit and the embroidery, WOW! My best wishes to you guys, look forward to doing more business with you on Eid. Please do add this review to your customer reviews page or refer this to your new customers.

Nasira Begum
London, UK

My order was arrived last week, couldn’t get time to check it, worn it today, loved the work on neckline, custom changes in sleeves turned out really nice, I now own a dress that I customized and designed myself, thank you Dress Republic, you are the speedy way in the ever late Western fashion atmosphere. Good job, well-done, Khuda Hafij

Saeema Shakir
Dallas, Texas

I have received my engagement semi-bridal order from Dress Republic and I loved every inch of the dress. Therefore, I have decide to write a note for your customer reviews page. The finish is superb and the quality of embroidery is above my expectations, thank you for making my engagement party so extravagant. I look forward to doing more business with you in coming months. Please pass on my best wishes to the Dress Republic team, especially the embroidery and stitching department, they have done such a good job! Keep it up! Dress Republic HIT HAI!

Nadya Hussain
Sacramento, CA

Hello Dress Republic guys!

Thank you for the outstanding customer service and dresses for my bhabi. My brother ain’t yet looked the finished work but we are all happy including our would-be bhabi to see the end results. The order was in time, one suggestion, please serve text messages when shipment is dispatched so that we can track it down and manage to receive it. Thank you again for the quality service. I hereby allow Dress Republic to add this product feedback in your customer reviews section.

Salma Salamat
Sugarland, Texas

Hello please keep my email and home address private and do not show it in customer reviews. I wanted to first thank you for the timely delivery. Secondly, the stitching and fitting was good except for the dopatta which was 2.5 yard long, as I am not that tall I had to cut it to 70-inches and now I can carry it well. Usually when I order from India they send me 70 inches long dopatta so please in future make small length dopatta for petite ladies like me. Thank you very much

Parveen Kaur
Iselin, New Jersey