Maria B Mbroidered Collection 2017

Maria B MBroidered Collection 2017 Now Available

The Lawn Designer Queen is launching her new collection Maria B MBroidered Collection 2017 on the May 20th, 2017. In it, she brought some really fabulous designs created with embroidery and laces mixed with today’s approach of extreme luxury.

Maria B MBroidered Collection 2017 speaks of the art and the tradition that is required to bring everything together for the upcoming Eid season. Thanks to her dedication to preparation of some really nice styles we found beautifully done in an array of skills with chiffon highlights, soft colors, and wonderful embroidery and floral work.

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DRP6574 - Maria B Chiffon EID Collection 2017DRP6575 - Maria B Chiffon EID Collection 2017DRP6576 - Maria B Chiffon EID Collection 2017

DRP6577 - Maria B Chiffon EID Collection 2017DRP6570 - Maria B Chiffon EID Collection 2017DRP6571 - Maria B Chiffon EID Collection 2017

DRP6572 - Maria B Chiffon EID Collection 2017DRP6573 - Maria B Chiffon EID Collection 2017

Maria B MBroidered Collection 2017

Chiffon is my first love, and therefore holds very secret of mine, says Maria B. So it goes without saying that she takes her collection as the showplace where she modernizes the traditional Pakistani Shalwar Kameez styles. In her collection, she also presented a Saree and Lehenga skirt style in a dazzling succession for dramatic effect.

Each design of her collection has been paid personal attention with distinctive resham embroidery work that illustrates the flowers, leaves, scroll works and motifs.

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