indian anarkali

Indian Anarkali

The Anarkali word comes from a story of a renowned Mughal Empire courtesan. It comes in various lengths such as floor length and mid-length. The mid-length is the most popular style in Indian Anarkali suits. Anarkali style is one of the most comment style garments after the Shalwar kameez.


Indian Anarkali Suit

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It is famous due to its long and flowing top that makes any women’s style sophisticated way.

The legend says Anarkali amazed everybody, especially Prince Saleem but the love story ends tragically. Women in the Mughal era wear Anarkali dresses as it’s made of deluxe fabrics. It had the power to enrich their beauty. This is the beginning of the Indian Anarkali Pattern.

Indian Anarkali in the new era

In the new era, the Indian Anarkali suit became got as famed. Legendary Bollywood celebrities such as Madhubala and Vaijanti Mala wore it. This happened to be ethnic wear even more famous during the 70s and picked by every woman as the most preferred outfit.

Why Indian Anarkali Suits Are So Famous?

Anarkali literally means “Pomegranate Blossom”, a fruit that grows in the South Asian region and the Mediterranean. It has bright red and orange in color.

That is why bright colors and extravagant designs are the main themes of an Anarkali suit which is perfect for wedding ceremonies and parties. The Anarkali dress benefits you stand out from the crowd.

Women at wedding ceremonies and religious events, and special gatherings wear Anarkali suits which are splendidly embroidered and embellished with beads, kora, dabka, naqshi, zari, sequins, diamantes, Swarovski crystals, beads, and resham. It comes in various options with comfort, bold colors, patterns, and super luxurious fabrics.

Anarkali Suit in the Modern Era

The Anarkali suits are usually floor length, it is best to perform dance, as it used to be in the royal court to entertain the Mughal Kings.

Eventually, Anarkali suits also called floor-length Anarkali suits as they come in long-flowing styles.

The latest designer Anarkali suits that we see today are modern versions of the Classic Anarkali suit. The contemporary Anarkali dress comes in several lengths. You will find different styles of Indian Anarkali suits in our collection at Dress Republic.

What Anarkali Suits are made of?

Anarkali Suit comes in chiffon, silk, georgette, velvet, and high-quality linen. There are a wide variety of Anarkali dresses available in our online catalog that are customizable to your required length and size.

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