5 of best names in pakistani bridalwear industry


The Pakistani bridalwear industry has talent in abundance – so we felt it was only right that we cover these designers in our article. It is no secret that designers based in Pakistan are leading the way in global bridal fashion. Not only in terms of cut and finish, but how the materials are used, placed, and beautified. Especially the way that dresses are produced and finished that goes alongside this.

Pakistani Bridal Wear Designers Top 5 Finalists

5 of best names in pakistani bridalwear industry

Our top 5 finalists are all standing examples of the high-quality design that is keeping Pakistan at the forefront of the bridalwear fashion industry.

Sania Maskatiya

Sania Maskatiya founded in 2004 is a Karachi-based modern icon of the Pakistani bridalwear industry. She’s known and loved for her amazing bridal and wedding guest dresses, giving brides and guests endless choices for their wedding day look. Her style is both whimsical and elegant, with a high fashion edge – which is probably why she’s dressed countless celebrities for their weddings. Her latest collection of grown-up-boho mix-and-match styles is simply outstanding. All pieces are handmade in Pakistan, with fabrics and embellishments that are luxurious and responsibly sourced.

Nilofar Shahid

This is a label that we have come to expect brilliant things from, and year after year Nilofar Shahid delivers the goods. The designer is an expert in her craft – intricacy and impeccable detailing come as standard. The collections cleverly strike a balance between sleek elegance and high glamour, all with a vintage twist and outstanding beadwork. Time and time again, feedback from brides and retailers display the label’s outstanding level of customer service. Through the pandemic and beyond, Nilofar Shahid quality, craftsmanship and commitment to brides has never faltered.

Ali Xeeshan

Ali Xeeshan is the creative talent behind this beautiful label, which is all designed, cut, and crafted in Pakistan. The label is best known for its impeccable structure and shape, and amazing tailoring – the gowns are always made from the highest quality fabrics that are hand-finished to perfection. Every season the designer comes up with new twists on the signature style, and brides adore the bold touches, the incredible embroideries, clever use of laces, and the dynamic cut and structure.

Rani Emaan

Fairly old to the bridal scene, this designer wowed the crowds at Bridal Couture Weeks earlier in the last few years. Her styles are fresh and exciting, cut beautifully and there is no doubt about the skilled craftsmanship that goes into her creations. The dresses have a mixed vibe styling, but with a delicate and modern cut. All the design, sampling, and production are made in-house from an Islamabad-based design studio by a small but super-talented team. Before turning her focus to bridalwear.

Nida Azwer

Nida Azwer is the designer behind this cool luxury label. Over the past year, Nida Azwer has wowed us with his latest collections and dynamic new designs. The designer is, and always has been, very much inspired by nature and the natural world and this is evident in the detailing on his gowns and lavish Dupatta shawls – especially the iconic floral styles. His catwalk display at Bridal Week London caused a real audience buzz; the bold styles were a big talking point. With every collection, he stays true to his philosophy to inject boldness, creativity and fun into the bridal industry.

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